Northwest Pennsylvania Incubator Association 

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 Business and Industry Loans Available:
  • Low interest loan financing for land and building acquisition, construction and  renovation,
    machinery and equipment purchase and refurbishing, resulting in the creation or retention
    of jobs. The program can be used to finance industrial development projects for
    manufacturing, industrial enterprises, and technology firms.
  • Our funding fills a gap between conventional financing and your organization's equity. We
    can finance up to 50% of the total project cost to a maximum of $250,000.  The interest
    rate is fixed at 2.5% at the time of loan closing. A fee of 1% ($1000 minimum) of the loan
    amount (to cover loan origination and legal fees) is charged on closing. The terms of the
    loan generally are as follows:
    • Used machinery and equipment up to 5 years
    • New machinery and equipment up to 7 years
    • Land and buildings up to 15 years
  • The loan will take 1st or 2nd lien on specific assets and will typically require business and
    personal guarantees.
  • Franklin Industrial & Commercial Development Authority
    has a $2000 fund for startup businesses. Must apply and qualify.
  • If you are looking to finance we can provide low-interest financing for any working capital
    need directly from the Greenville Area Economic Development Corporation.
  • Small Business Loans
  • PIDA Loans
  • Titusville Industrial Fund Inc. Loans
  • Facade Loans

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